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Warcraft II News & Announcements

News & Announcements

Server back online

The main server has completed migration to new hosting and is now back online. As of today the DNS change should have propagated worldwide and all players should be able to login. If you’re still... Read the full article

Server Temporarily Down

The main pvpgn server has been experiencing extensive periods of downtime for the past several days, since approximately Tuesday, July 14th. We’re now in the process of migrating to new hosting and should be... Read the full article

GOW 2vs2 Tournament

It’s that time again! Try to find a partner who hasn’t played the game in awhile and bring him back online for this GOW 2vs2 Tournament taking place. We are going to bring another night... Read the full article

Client VOTE!

A big discussion is taking place on the forum right now about closing all but War2Combat client to log onto the server. Be sure to register on the forums and cast your vote!,665.0.html  

Warcraft 2 News 3/4/15

Upcoming Tournaments: Stir Crazy BNE and Taiga BNE mini 8 player tournaments will be taking place this weekend as qualifying rounds to get into the Tournament Of Champions at the Warcraft 2 Festival VII. Once... Read the full article

Tournament News

Teron-Gorfiend became the latest player to qualify for the Tournament of Champions taking place at the Warcraft 2 Festival VII this July by winning the Kaboom BNE tournament. There will be plenty more mini 8... Read the full article

War2Combat 4.01 released

War2Combat 4.01 released! “Here’s the new branch #4 of Combat, with several new ideas. I have plans to continue developing this branch and stop 3.0 and 3.1 development. Here’s time of fast internet connections and... Read the full article